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Daily Maintenance

Water Change

Many people often ask questions like "How often should I change the water?" or " How much should I change every time?" Too much a change will stress the fish and too little will result in the water having high ammonia and nitrite. In reality there are no standard answers to these commonly asked questions. Three factors, however, will have to be considered when attempting to answer these questions; the efficiency of the filtration system used, amount of food feed and number of fishes.

Since I have 1 Chili Red, 2 Cross Back Golden, 2 Freshwater Stingray, 2 Australia Arowana and 3 Silver Arowana; I do my daily water change 80% every time I feed my Dragons to maintain a good water quality.

I also use the following water conditioner after I changed the water: Freshwater Pro Clear murky & cloudy water controller by KENT, NovAqua instant conditioner & fish protector; PolyAqua professional fish protector; AmQuel instant water detoxifier by Kordon and commercial grade pH down to ease the stress of my Dragons.

PH Level

The pH level of the aquarium water is recommended to be between (6.80 to 7.20). Extra attention is required to ensure that the water supply in your area is specially treated. Too high or too low a pH value may result in problems affecting the gills and fins of your arowana. Usually in the community tanks the pH level should be in neutral (7.0).

It is a good practice to check on the pH level of the water on a daily regular basis. There are many types of pH test kits available on the markets. The most accurate pH tester is the battery-operated device but it's costly, or other test kits will do just fine.

I have the PINPOINT PH MONITOR manufactured by American Marine Inc. to monitor pH level in my tank 24 hours.


The temperature of the water should be maintained between 79 degree F (26 degree C) and 86 degree F (30 degree C). A healthy arowana can easily withstand temperatures of up to 95 degree F (35 degree C) without any adverse affects. A heater controlled by a thermostat is recommended to be use in the aquarium so that the water can be regulated at the ideal temperature for the fish.

I have 1000W AQUARIUM IC THERMOSTAT with probe manufactured by AZOO and digital big screen temperature reader with probe for my tank.

Salt content

Adding a little salt (approximately two teaspoonfuls per 5 gallons of water) during water changes can be helpful as this will keep the fish healthy by stimulating its appetite. Therefore, promoting growth of the fish. Also salt in the water reduces the risk of fungus attacks.


The lighting is very important because without the proper lighting you cannot fully appreciate the true value of your Arowana.

The light source should be placed at the front of the aquarium top. The reason for this is that with the light source in front the light is reflected off the fish and its full splendors can be viewed clearly from the front of the aquarium.

It is preferred to have the light source switched on for at least eight hours a day. This is to encourage the color development of the arowana. Sufficient light is required for scales to produce good, strong and clear color development.

The ideal light source would be one of a pinkish tone. Normally one tuber of the standard aquarium fluorescent tube along the full length of the aquarium suffices. Other lights are optional.


The most common types of filters are the under gravel filter, the overflow filter, the internal filter, external filter, specialty inline filter, wet and dry filter, etc......

I find it that the wet and dry filter is work best for my tank. I have 1 customs made wet and dry filter manufactured by TruVu for ultimate filteration.