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Welcome to my personal web site!!!!

I am one of the craziest hobbyists about Asian Arowana, Freshwater Stingray and exotic animals. I've spent most of my time to collect them and would like to share with those of you who wants to have one as a pet. Enjoy!!!!!!

Polka Dot & Hystrix freshwater stingray in my old 55 gallon tank.....

polkadotandhystrix.jpg mynewfishtank

I am located somewhere in this UNIVERSE. My main interest is to learn more about nature of all exotic animals and my hobbies are reading, listen to music, traveling around the world, all kind of sports, bodybuilding and collecting the exotic animals as a pet (my wish).

Currently I have 1 Chili Red Asian Arowana, 2 Cross Back Golden Asian Arowana, 1 Polka Dot Freshwater Stingray, 1 Motoro Freshwater Stingray, 1 female Pixie-Bob Cat, 2 male and 3 female Rabbits. I've used to have Hystrix Freshwater Stingray but she died on me. I'm pursuing to get those back soon. My fantasy is to live in the mansion where I can have all those wild animals as a pet.....just kidding!!!!!


Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail!

I will update this page often with new photos.

My Fishtank...myfishtank

3 female bunnies......3femalebunnies.jpg

Polka Dot Freshwater Stingray!!!polkadot1.jpg

Motoro Freshwater Stingray that died on 09/07/2001...

My baby Motoro Freshwater Stingray.....



05/23/2004 - Added new pix's of my Arowana's & First Grade Red Flowerhorn.....

03/13/2004 - Installed new filtration for my new 150 gallon plexi glass manufactured by TruVu wet and dry filter made my arowana's happier.....the system ideas and installed by Jeff from Some Things Fishy LLC......thanks Jeff for your help.....

10/02/01 - No luck with keeping freshwater stingray's.....My baby Motoro stingray died on me last night...I wish her good luck and better place......
9/29/01 - My Polkadot stingray died on me...I wish her good luck and better place.......
9/12/01 - Added new photos of my new baby Motoro stingray
9/11/01 - Just got my new baby Motoro freshwater stingray yesterday night...I will post some photos later date......
9/07/01 - My Motoro freshwater stingray died last night. Didn't eat from the beginning even I fed her frozen shrimp!!wish her good luck and better place......
8/18/01 - Added new photos of my freshwater stingrays & my dragons.
7/23/01 - Added new photos taken July 22, 2001 of my stingrays & dragons.
7/11/01 - Added new photos of my most recent photo of my pets taken August 2000.

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