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My Baby....Red Dragon

Very high grade Chilli Red Dragon. Bought it on April 2000 together with my 2 Cross Back Golden Dragons. Isn't it they are the beauties!!!!!!

Below photos ware taken on July 22, 2001.

chilired chilired chilired

Below photos were taken August 2000.

goldarowanaone3.jpg goldarowanatwo5.jpg

My Twin Cross Back Golden Dragons

It's my 2 Crossback Golden Asian Arowana. Got it the same time with my Chilli Red. Below photos were taken July 22, 2001.

xbackgolden twindragon1.jpg tank.jpg xbackgolden xbackgolden xbackgolden
polkadot motoro&polkadot chilired&stingrays hystrix.jpg polkadot.jpg babymotoro1.jpg