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New pictures of my Polka Dot & Orange Spot Motoro freshwater stingray's.......

polkadot motoro motoro1 polkadot&motoro

More pix's of my X-Back Golden Arowana with my Polka-Dot Stingrays....

xbackgolden&stingrays xbackgolden&stingrays1 xbackgolden&stingrays3 xbackgolden&stingrays2

New pictures of my X-back Golden Arowana taken on March 20, 2004

goldarowana1 goldarowana2 goldarowana3 goldarowana

More Pix's of my Asian Arowana & Stingrays......

chilired&stingrays xbackgolden&motoro babymotoro&polkadot.jpg polkadot.jpg

Beautiful First Grade Red Flowerhorn purchased from Burma(Myanmar) on Jan. of 2004

flowerhorn flowerhorn1 flowerhorn2 flowerhorn3
flowerhorn4 flowerhorn5 flowerhorn6 redarowana

More pictures coming soon!!!