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Arowana Health Management

As the saying goes, "Prevention is always better than cure". This phrase is true in every sense of the words. Maintaining good water quality for the fishes, feed them well and conduct regular checks on pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite levels are what every committed hobbyist must do. Daily observation of the fish is also important. Look out for abnormal growth, erratic behavior or simply stops eating and becomes inactive.

Living in a "closed" environment, the fishes are literally at your mercy to take good care of them. Stress is a vital factor in fish health. They may come in any form, such as, an aggressive tank mate, sudden changes in pH, temperature and overcrowding. Even a tank placed in a location where human traffic is heavy can be stressful to a newly acquired fish.

Fish do have an immune system that protects their bodies against diseases and infections. They even have outer barrier in the form of scales and a coat of mucus, some may say. But if a fish is constantly under stress, then it's immune system will be adversely affected for sure.

For instance, in low temperature, the immune system often slows down and the fish will be more susceptible to infection. That also explains why as to fish tend to swim towards the heater when it's get sick. This is a behavioral symptom and natural for all sick fishes.